I help women like you feel SEXY + EMPOWERED + ON FIRE for life again by guiding and supporting you in Energetically re-Aligning you with your soul, through self-love. 

I help you fall back in love with yourself and step back into your worth. When you fall in LOVE with yourself, you take your Visions and Dreams and turn them into reality. 

Working together, you'll discover the spiritual principles, the laws of the Universe, understand energy, and how to know when you are energetically out of alignment. 

You'll receive tools to protect your energy and expand it to attract more into your life. You'll discover how to manifest money- joy- happiness with an easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan to create personal and business success. 

My goal is for you to know who the F - - - you are and for you to operate from that power. You will step into what you are here to do. You will grasp the impact you are called to make and, finally, understand you are created to live the abundant life you desire and deserve. 

Understanding the flow of energy allowed me to build a seven-figure multi-million dollar business, heal my son outside of traditional medicine and PUSH me into MY soul's calling of helping you connect with your spirituality and align with YOUR self-love and, in turn, activate your soul fire!

I look forward to helping you envision your future self, bring this beautiful being into reality and paint the abundance you deserve in every area of your life. Soul connections aren’t by chance… I can’t wait to meet you for real! You are magic.




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3. Ignite your Soul Fire! Get ready to ignite your soul fire with our Soul Fire Activation sessions.
“I have worked with Meg for 2 months now, in this time, she has helped give me a new direction and perspective, and she did it in a very unconventional way. That’s what I love about her. I’ve been on the receiving end of many coaching/ counseling scenarios, and Meg blew my mind. She was able to pull out aspects of me I have been avoiding. She held me to the fire and made me see where I sabotaged myself. She revealed childhood experiences that no one but me could know. And she intuitively connected with family members; through her, they helped me see childhood traumas and a way forward. I’m starting to see real breakthroughs and feel a shift in how I show up now. I plan to continue working with Meg. I’m very grateful to her.” 

- Kel E



Let’s ignite your soul fire to align you with more of what you desire in your life. I work with you for a minimum of 3 months for you to gain clarity, while clearing, healing, re-aligning you and resolving what is getting in your way. 

I help you work with the resistance that shows up when you start moving in the direction of your dreams and desires, and I will show you how to clear your “stuff” at the root level, so it stops showing up in your life. 

You will discover how to use energy healing on yourself and how to start to implement meditation in your life. This activation is perfect for you if you're an entrepreneur who feels off track and you're not getting the results you want in your business.

If you are ready to reinvent yourself, whether it's after a career change, a divorce, or you just know you're committed to growth, change and activating your soul fire - let's talk!

how it works

In my coaching business, I strive to be available to all who need me. While I know the value of my work, I will base the coaching fee on your budget. Together we will assess your needs, your goals, and a price that works for us both. 

I desire to grow gardens globally and help as many people grow as possible. Everyone should have access to a mentor. While I can help you move mountains in one session, you can completely change your life by committing to routine coaching with me! 

I can’t wait to work with you! 


Expect good things; good things happen. Meg, you have changed the course of my life. Working with you the past 6 months has changed my life. I will forever be grateful. Just think, one day sooner than later, we will be celebrating on the beach. Thanks for helping me find myself again. She was a pretty cool chick, to begin with.

- Lisette P

Working with Meg over the past two years has completely changed my perspective on how I look at life and my mindset! Everything in my life has fallen into place and I was a mess before working with Meg. I look back at all my progress with Meg in the last year and a half and know that working with her has made such a difference. I am so thankful for all her continuous help and advice.

- Mac M

Meg has, without a doubt, changed my life. I started meeting with Meg in the spring and still work with her today. The amount of self-healing that has happened from working with Meg is mind-blowing. I have always heard “it’s all about perspective” when it comes to living a happy life, but Meg taught me HOW to change my perspective, and she taught me in a way that will stick with me forever. She has a gift, and her goal is to share her gift with others to empower them and help them attract their worth. 

Meg is passionate about what she does and connects with me in a way no one ever has. I am amazed at the person I am today compared to the person I was when I first met Meg. The progress I have made mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is incredible. This is why I will continue working with Meg and recommend her to anyone who wants guidance for empowerment in their life.

-Abigail W

"Meg, thank you so much for the validating angel card reading! Every single card directly applied to what I am currently navigating in my life, and each card also gave me peace about this current part of my journey. I know I will be connecting with you more regularly to explore more awesome insights into my life. Thank you, thank you!"

-Ginnie G

Angel Card Reading

SERVICE: 30 minute session, $150

You will simply ask your Angels to answer your given question or just tell you what they want you to know by guiding me to choose the relevant cards. You will be blown away by the aligned messages with what you are going through or what you are looking for guidance on. In addition to reading the cards, we will dive into the meaning behind them and how the message resonates with you. 

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